February 12, 2013

Jamie Oliver and Italy

Jamie Oliver and Italy

Jamie Oliver is one of the few people I follow on Instagram. I gained a lot of respect for him a couple years ago when I watched a video of him on a culinary journey through Italy. As some of you know I spent 2 incredible years in Italy as a missionary for my church. It is hard not to love Italy and the Italians. There is a food depth there that is difficult to explain. It is so traditional and fresh and fantastic that in their eyes they have reached the pinnacle of perfection and why change perfection? Jamie Oliver, even though he had been mentored by an Italian chef I don’t think he quite understood Italians until he went on this 2 month journey and tried to do the impossible, cook for Italians. It is not that he is not capable, it is simply that he didn’t understand that his embellishments would not be accepted. From top to bottom there is little variation in ice cream and pizza for example. It is not like here where we try to be original and unique. In Italy there are no pizza chains. In fact, except for some McDonalds here and there there aren’t really fast food chains at all. Each pizzeria is unique yet tows the line to tradition. Difficult to explain. Anyway, on his journey he discovered that Italians in general were not as progressive as his Italian mentor.

He doesn’t care. He does what might be the closest thing to a gladiator today. He cooks for Italians and every where he goes they are not pleased. As I watched it was like a scary movie. Don’t go in there!! Don’t do that, you don’t know what you are getting into!! Yet, like Rocky he just keeps getting up and trying. It was pure grit and I learned why he is so successful. He is fearless. What a quality. Watch all the parts of this on youtube and you will understand Italy more than anything I have seen.

P.S. He is also a great photographer palermo  Unknown

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