January 9, 2014

Why people don’t like to read


For Maddi’s birthday we got her a lamp so she can read at night without bothering her sister. I walked in on her a couple nights ago to see her reading at about 10:00 pm. I have noticed many kids nowadays seem to read more than we did as kids. Because I am such an avid reader and I believe life STAGNATES without reading, I frequently ask my clients if they like to read.  Many of them are college students. It surprises me to discover that the majority don’t like it. It makes sense. Reading, as it applies to a college student is associated, sometimes forever, with textbooks, boredom and work.  I heard a stat that stated that close to 60% of people had not read a book from cover to cover since they graduated from college. Even if that were 10% I would be astounded. YIKES!


When people say they hate reading what they are truly saying is, ” I hate reading stuff that I hate reading”. At least that is the way I hear it. It is like a challenge to me. How do I get this person to like reading? The prescription is, they need to be introduced to something that interests them and it has been my experience that it doesn’t take long for them to like reading again. This is anecdotal but I have found it to work in the few instances I have tried it. For kids, building strong associations with reading early on will hook them for life.  The best thing for kids learning to love reading is seeing their parents love reading. My parents loved books. My dad had a copy of Mark Twain’s entire collection with him wherever we went it seems. We lurked around used books stores and he purchased for me “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin” when I was 18 right across the street where Ben Franklin is buried in Philly. These are great associations I have with reading, therefore I read and so on.

“You will never be alone with a poet in your pocket.”-John Adams

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