December 30, 2013

Thank You and Happy New Year!!


No joking, 2013 was the best year I have had in my career in so many ways. It was incredibly enjoyable largely because I have great clients, many who have become lifelong friends. I cannot tell you how important that is to me. Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives albeit in a small way. It is an honor for me to take pictures of the people and events that mean so much to everyone. Have a Happy New Year and may all your wildest dreams come true in 2014!


Synopsis of 2013:

I slurp up my blog and print it in an album for a journal so I am going to write a few details about this last year so I can cue my memory.


Notable events of 2013: Yellowstone 2 times, Guatemala to visit the Dennings and Jensens (Check out their blog here: discover share inspire ), Eastern Idaho State Fair (counts as a different country) Moab, St. George (for 100 century bike ride), THE DMZ in South Korea (no man’s land), Gramma Carol’s twice (Firth, Idaho better than disneyland), Twin Falls to visit Cousin Melissa and swim in a frigid river with the kids, Bear lake multiple times, Sanpete County (Ephraim and Manti for weddings and to visit where Mel and I met) Antelope Island for multiple photo sessions, rafted the Oneida narrows with the Kids, etc.. All in all it was eventful. Great memories!! 

New things I tried: Roasted a pig, became proficient in Indian and Korean Cuisine, opened up to photo classes, tore out my old yard to put in a new one, graduated from the Kimchi Academy in Seoul, ordered olives from California and brined them from raw (awesome), bought the Contax 645 I have wanted for a long time, sold it and bought a bunch of video equipment, went back to college to finish a degree I will never use (I only had a few classes left and I finish in the Spring), wrote an Ebook for beginning photographers, held a ping pong tournament at my house (I got 4th place), went on a date every week with my wife, began Taco mondays in which I take one of my kids each monday out to lunch, tried street tamales in Guatemala and got sick for a week and a half, went into a tunnel in the DMZ that the North Koreans secretly dug (couldn’t take pictures, sorry), bought a travel camper, bought a full suspension mountain bike, headed up a festival for my church for 200 people (success!), read a zillion books my favorite being The Black Count, dabbled in professional video, made a lot of new friends and most important to me I spent a lot of time watching my family grow up.




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