August 9, 2013

Ashamed that this is my First Rodeo!

Ashamed that this is my First Rodeo!

I have been to the Eastern Idaho Stare Fair every year for nearly fifteen years. It is a family event(cousins and aunts and grandma and all) that we go visit my grandparents in Blackfoot, Idaho around Labor day. We have our routine , the tiger ear scones, huckleberry ice cream, scuggets, turkey drums on a stick, petting zoo, alligator wrestler, monkeys on horseback, you know, the usual. For some reason the rodeo has never been a part of it. Last night was my first taste (other than the movie 8 seconds). I am not sure there is anything more American than a rodeo (with the exception of baseball). I was having so much fun taking pictures with my backup camera, my D7000. It doesn’t see much light but I broke it in like a good horse last night. The highlight last night was a little girl who competed in the mutton busting competition. She held on to that sheep like a barnacle and wasted all the boys in the arena. The crowd went bananas. It makes me wonder how many treasures are sitting right in front of me and I don’t even know it. Love it!

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