October 3, 2013

300,000 and going strong!!


Every once in a while I check myshuttercount.com to see how many shots I have taken on my main camera. You may remember my post a year or so ago when I hit 200k on my Nikon d700. Think of it like an odometer in a car. This camera is rated and tested to 150,000 shutter actuations so this is a lot like going around 250,000 miles maybe. It has far exceeded its expectations. Imagine how many faces have been on the other side of this baby.  I love this camera!!

This time my shutter rose and fell on 300,000 at Meagan and Chris’s wedding while they were cutting cake last Saturday. Couldn’t have planned it better! Such a great couple!

For the record I have a back-up camera with me every where I go just in case she decides to call it quits. I am sincerely hoping to do a blog post next year when I hit the 400k mark. Wish me luck!





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