September 20, 2007

Family Documentation


I have been on cloud nine for 36 hours now ever since I went fishing to a local water hole of which I will not name and absolutely had the best fishing day of my life. My uncle Michael and his son Mason took me. At one point Mason brought in a nearly 5 pound rainbow whilst I pulled in about a 3 pounder. We cooked that one up for dinner tonight and it was THE best fresh water fish I have ever eaten. Anyway lately I have been really excited about what I consider family documentary style photography with style. Here is an image I took last week of my buddy Greg and his son playing basketball. I spent nearly 9 hours with his family last week and had a blast taking over 1500 images that they can have forever. What is more important than this? Greg is an awesome mentor to me. He wanted me to take these shots of him with his boys doing their alone time together. He spends most of his free time doing what his kids want. What a huge idea! Most parents spend 2 hours watching TV a day. He spends 2 hours a day with one of his four boys following their interests. Do you think they wonder if he cares about them? Do you think they will find meaning in this life? He has made me rethink the way I interact with my own children.
Anyway,the only sad part about this photo is that Greg missed the dunk.