January 8, 2013

Twin Falls,Traditions and Toddlers


I know it is too early to post images of summer time so please forgive me. This first image is reminiscent of times when we use to sit on the stairs at my grammies in Blackfoot and eat ice cream cones. It is hard to imagine the amount of traditions that were born on my grandma’s farm. To name a few: Bocce, making movies, playing Atari, tubing in the canal, rummikub, playing dress-up for fashion show till we were in our twenties, cousins, fishing on the pond, summer fish fry, and I could go on but it might bore you because they are all family traditions. Just know this. They have been transformational in my life. My grandpa is about to turn 94 and my grandma is 9 years his younger and they still put on a lively party. Life is good!

These were taken at my cousin’s in Twin Falls. We have certain traditions with my cousin Melissa and her husband Derek too. Derek and I cook Asian, Indian or Thai food every time we get together. He served a mission over in Indonesia and Singapore and learned a bunch. The food is off the charts.

I am interested to hear about your family traditions so maybe I can steal one or two. Pipe up!

Mamiya rz67 film straight out of the camera, no photoshop please.


On the way home from Twin was something else.


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