February 19, 2013

Snapshots of the kids

Snapshots of the kids

5x7jackbridge_6103“You must take tons of pictures of your kids.” This is a comment I hear quite a bit. The truth is, I do, but not always the way people think. I am not super picky about the camera we have on hand. Hauling a big ol’ camera everywhere you go can get old so I have some compact cameras that get the job done a lot. I bring out the big guns when I am feeling it. The important thing is to capture it, no matter the medium. I really love this little Sony point and shoot camera we bought for $100 because it does great video. It truly is amazing that a little camera like that does a better job than the big old VHS cameras of my elementary years. If you are the type that doesn’t mind looking at family videos then check out our 2012 video we created. We had so much fun last year I can’t imagine not capturing it!! It is like 18 minutes so beware: http://vimeo.com/56178244

My wife and I have been going through some old pics looking for ones we want to print. Here are some of the images we found that we haven’t seen in a while. It goes so fast.

029 034 05650029 05650036 CMP_5660

jackmontage5x7 verandsami samihalloween jackshine jackin the box img_5753 img_5752 img_5747 img_5708 img_5705 img_5695 CMP_9870 CMP_9666 CMP_9258 CMP_9019 CMP_6564 CMP_6560 CMP_6541 babyears CMP_0451 000050200007 jack_0036

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