February 10, 2014

Brave the cold and get cheap portraits!




Honestly, I should get paid more to go out in the cold because of the pain but instead I am going to give an incentive for those brave souls who would like some portraits of their children. I am going to do 30 minute children portrait sessions for $100 each including the images. Crazy cheap! Throw your family in there if you like for an extra $25. This is valid for February only. We can do a lot in 30 minutes. Email me at casey@iamcasey.com if you want to freeze with me.

This is a session I did with some great friends of mine who came to visit from Ireland. I was able to photograph them in Ireland in 2008 and since then they have multiplied. We are planning to visit them this year some time. They are a blast to hang out with!  These are their children and a friend of theirs. Cute kids!!

cmp_9182 copycmp_8937 cmp_8938 cmp_8943 cmp_8966 cmp_9009 cmp_9080 cmp_9094 cmp_9123 cmp_9125 cmp_9149 cmp_9185 cmp_9193 cmp_9208 cmp_9221 cmp_9323 cmp_9393 cmp_9418 cmp_9421 cmp_9424 cmp_9479 cmp_9518 cmp_9531

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