September 26, 2013

Alli and Scott



This summer was so incredible!! The best I have ever had! In large part it was because I made a lot of new friends with whom I had so much in common. I am a little eccentric (depending on who you talk to)  but Scott was right there with me. Most people look at me cross eyed when I tell them I make home made cheese or that I just bought 30 pounds of raw olives shipped from California so I can brine them. Scott is a potter and a general renaissance man so he gets it. Great time! Great couple!

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August 21, 2013

Sarah and Michael-Louland Falls

Sarah and Michael-Louland Falls

I was a little nervous about the weather as it was supposed to rain that day. Instead we just had some great light all evening. Sarah booked me a long time ago and I was glad because I think I turned down three weddings for the same day after she booked me. Her good friend, Mandy who used to design albums for me, referred her to me. Thanks Mandy! Fun group!

If you are starting to look for photographers for this winter I am booking now.

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August 5, 2013

Connie and Dustin


This summer has been the busiest and I think the most enjoyable summer of my career. Last week I photographed 4 weddings in Logan, Bountiful, Manti and Rock Springs, Wyoming. I put close to 1000 miles on my car but I seriously have been having a blast. I love being out, actively taking pictures rather than sitting on my computer editing. Being with people is why I LOVE what I do.  This couple below was one of the reasons this summer has been so great. I pretend that I have a little country in me and I always enjoy country folk :). We had so much fun and some great conversation. Best Wishes!!

P.S. Count down to 300k. I turned 280,000 images on my camera as of last week.








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January 28, 2013

And the winner is….#?

And the winner is….#?

Saturday we met and talked with around 75 brides at the Bridal Show at the Riverwoods in Logan. Thanks so much for giving us your ear!!

We passed out 76 cards to brides and each card had a number on it from 1-76. The number that we draw will win a FREE formal session here in Cache Valley

The winner will get all of the images from the session on a disc at high resolution with a copyright release. So without further ado..



I used an iphone app to draw a number so there was no bias in the result.

If you are #23 you have until Tuesday evening to contact me. If I don’t hear from #23 I will draw another number.

Thanks for coming to my blog and checking us out!!

Check out the last bridal show’s winner featured here on Peter Loves Jane:

Album of same couple here:

If you have questions about my pricing please email me at and provide me with your wedding date and location and I will get back with you promptly. Thanks!