June 22, 2017

Lisa and Danny-Huntsville Square in Huntsville, UT


Huntsville is such a charming little city!  Lisa and Danny were married at an earlier date so I was only present for the reception which was held at the Huntsville Square in the center of Huntsville. The lighting was beautiful because of the large trees. The buildings and ambience were amazing! Loved the venue! Lots of fun with this couple and their guests. Best wishes you two!

June 25, 2012

Herms Inn Inspiration Shoot


Thanks to the ever present and energetic people at Sego Event Planning and Bliss/Peter Loves Jane we staged a photo session at Herm’s Inn.

Cake: The Graceful Baker

Food: Herm’s Inn (Open for luncheons and receptions)

Dress- Petals and Promises

Ring- The Diamond Gallery

Flowers- Sego Event Planning and Floral

Invitations and Menu- Peter Loves Jane

Hair- Mary at Serendipity

December 1, 2011

Riter Mansion


Puttin in a plug for the Riter Mansion in Logan. John and Arlette own the Riter Mansion which doubles as a reception center and bed and breakfast. As a photographer my first concern, even above beauty, is lighting. There are many beautiful event centers that are a nightmare for photographers. I love shooting at the Riter Mansion because there are a lot of windows as well as a really nice outdoor area with nice shade. John and Arlette own the place (see below a picture of John) and are super friendly to work with. I highly recommend them!

November 18, 2011

Girls night out at Needham’s Jewelers


Two nights ago was the second annual Needham’s Jeweler’s Girls night out. I am a guy but I was invited to come be a part of it. Shafer Bakery baked a cake with a $1500 ring embedded into it donated by Needhams and 6 girl’s names were drawn to participate. Once huddled around the cake they were given the sign to dig in and they tore that thing apart like a texas twister. One lucky girl won the ring and she was super excited.

Got to have my hair stenciled last night at girl's night out. My daughter's loved it!