October 30, 2009



These boys are rockin’. They are having a great season. I didn’t know too much about valley football till I took these images. I am a big fan now. I wish these boys luck today against Salem Hills. No Mercy boys!!

January 23, 2009

Any guesses?


I do not often take time to intentionally photograph landscapes. Anything I show you is usually something that happens when I am shooting portraits of people and see something that needs photographed. Often I forget that I even took the shot and then stumble upon it later. This is the case with this photograph that I took with a couple last fall. Occasionally I am going to post some of these images and give out free stuff for anyone who can guess where I took it. The first person to guess this one will receive a complimentary photo session valued at $100.

October 13, 2008

Cliffs of Insanity


Three days ago I was hanging my head over the cliffs of insanity (think Princess Bride). They are more formally known as the Cliffs of Moher. This last couple weeks has felt like insanity but Ireland was a huge bright spot for me. Prior to leaving my computer broke down and I couldn’t get anything done like I hoped. We had a blast in Ireland. It has put a spell over me. It was just like imagined only better. It seems like it is always spring time over there. It rains a lot and everything is green, green, green. It is true there are rock walls as far as the eye can see. They are covered with moss and vines and such. Driving was an experience. I have driven in a lot of different countries but this was the most awkward. Everything is backwards. My stick shift was on my left and the oncoming traffic on my right. There were only three times I accidentally drove on the wrong side of the road and luckily there was no oncoming traffic. In the end I got really good at it though.

Megan and Andrew were so fun to work with. We drove all over the place and visited some awesome places that Megan had chosen. She has been a medical student over there for four years and met Andrew there at chruch. Andrew is Irish and studies at CCU (Cork University). CCU looks like Hogwarts. They live in Cork which is the 2nd largest city in Ireland (Dublin is the first). Ireland is home to 4 million people. We are half way there in Utah at 2 million something people. Megan was gracious enough to accomodate my entourage in her apartment while she went and stayed at a friends house. Her apartment was smack dab in the middle of Cork city center. It made it really fun to walk right into the downtown scene. The first night we were there we walked right into an Irish Folk Festival. We jumped right into the dancing and swinging. We danced “the Seige if Ennis” which it turns out is the same dance that Megan and Andrew will be asking guests to participate in at their wedding (Dec 20 at the Salt Lake Temple). It involved a lot of swinging partners around in circles. Fantastic!! I haven’t danced like that since my sister and I found ourselves in the middle of a hippie drum circle in Montreal.
There seem to be as many castles in Ireland as there are Walmarts in America. Eating an Irish breakfast with Andrew’s family was a highlight. Irish pancakes, rashers (bacon), eggs, toast and really good milk was put out for us. It was delish! Lemon juice from fresh lemons and sugar was great on the Irish pancakes.
Megan and Andrew took us to some choice places. The first night we met at CCU and took some shots there in the rain. We drove that night to Charlesfort in Kinsale. It was foggy like in the movies. I slipped on some jagged rocks on the rocky beach and smashed my favorite lens against a rock. Yup, it is broke but I think I can repair it. The glass is still good but it doesn’t focus or zoom.
Some favorite spots we shot at were Clonakilty at the light house and the Dingle Peninsula. The Dingle Peninsula is where the beginning of Far and Away was filmed. Beautiful!!
Anyway, thanks again Megan and Andrew for your hospitality and for the memorable experience!! See you soon! Tog e Boge!!

October 3, 2008

Bingham Copper Mine- Kennecott


What a day today!! I mean that this whole week has been crazy busy. Tuesday and Wednesday I shot Mark and Hillarie’s wedding (I will post soon) Today I drove to Midway at 6:00 am for an engagement shoot. I barely had time for lunch and went straight to a gig at Kennecott Copper Mine. What a crazy experience up there. They have the largest dump truck in the world (not shown). Anyway, I will have more to post later. I haven’t even hardly had time to pack to go to Ireland in the morning. All I really need is a rain coat and my camera anyway. The day after I get home I wake up and go straight to St. George to shoot a wedding. Anyway, if you need anything call 435-881-9160 or email me while I am gone. P.S. Those fall colors are up above the Copper Mine. It is amazing up there.

September 4, 2008

Gramma Carol and Grandpa Ford


Labor day weekend we packed up the van for an All American voyage up to Yellowstone. My kids had a blast. We brought a little grill and marinaded some veggies and chicken on the kabobs. Fantastic!! My oldest, Sami, and I stayed up and watched falling stars. She was mesmerized. We promised the kids that we would see some buffalo. We only saw one lousy buffalo barely on the way out. Usually there are a ton. Yellowstone was only phase one of the trip. Phase two was going to my cousin Melissa’s house in Rexburg. Her husband Derek and I went fly fishing and pulled about 20 out of the drink on Saturday. A couple were even almost as big as my finger. It was fun though. Phase three is the traditional fair time in Blackfoot at my grandma and grandpa’s house. Words can not describe the joviality that occurs when we step foot on that 150 acre farm. When I say we I mean all my siblings, cousins, aunts, no uncles, nieces, nephews, etc… We have so many traditions when we go there that they are hard to count. The big one is going to the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Watching people at the fair is our favorite sport. An occasional picture of a mullet or something else spectacular is fair game. Arm-wrestling, hypnotists, alligator wrestlers, monkeys that ride donkeys, are just a few of the fantastic things we have witnessed at the fair. I could write a book on the things we do at Grandmas. To name a few: Bocce tournaments, fourwheelers, swim in canal or Snake River, make movies, eat, eat and eat, drink unlimited supply of Coke, farm dinners and breakfasts, trap racoons and skunks, pick corn, watch movies, play Atari, and much much more. We have been slowly collecting photos of the farm for posterity. Here are a few more to add to the quiver.

August 4, 2008

Paris-my "fine art" collection


My inlaws (brother and sister in law) have asked me to show them some images that they might use for decorations on their wall. Here are a few from my trip to Paris a few years ago. Coincidentally I saw both Jacques Chirac and Vladimir Putin on that trip. They were the leaders of France and Russia at the time.
As a side note: Paris is hard to enjoy after you have been to Italy. I hope I don’t offend anyone by saying that.

July 10, 2008

Quinceanera, Logan, UT


Last week I shot this quinceanera which for those of you who don’t know it is kind of coming of age for a 15 year old girl. It is a huge thing in Mexico from what I understand. It is just as big an event as a wedding (to shoot anyway) The ceremony lasted at least an hour after which we went to a nearby park to get some shots with Daisy (the 15 year old) and six guys dressed in tuxes. When I went back to my car I looked at my seat and there was a blue crayon melted on my seat (it was a hot day). One of my kids had put a crayon on my seat and it melted and I turned to look at my butt and saw that I had blue crayon covering my whole right cheek. I had light tan slacks on with a tucked shirt and not one of those guys said anything to me!! I ran home to change my pants. Then we went to a reception that was full of dancing, cake cutting, food, musical chairs, toasts, gift giving, etc.. These guys really know how to throw a party. The food was amazing. I always make time for food. I usually don’t care about cakes but this cake had like 6 tiers with a different flavor in each tier. It was full of peaches and bananas etc.. It was great. Anyway, it was a fun event even if I didn’t understand anything anyone said.

July 8, 2008

My week in Arizona


Took a trip to Arizona with my oldest buddy Joe Andersen. When I say oldest I mean that he has been my friend as long as I have lived. He is the most imaginative friend I have and I love him for that reason. The purpose of the trip was to do a documentary of Joe’s grandpa LaDell on video for posterity then to help his dad do some concrete in Arizona. LaDell has a long history of basketball in the state of Utah. He was Asst. coach at U of U, Head coach of Utah State University, Head coach of the Utah Stars (predecessor to the Jazz, ABA) Head coach at BYU. He has been as scout for the Utah Jazz and has made recommendations to the Jazz for players such as John Stockton and Darren Williams. He is a hero of mine because he is one of the most hard nosed people I have ever met yet extremely kind and generous. We stayed at his house in St. George and got some good footage the next day. After that we headed to Phoenix area where Joe lives and helped his dad for three days doing some concrete on the Paradise Valley Golf Course. It was hot and miserable. I got heat stroke (114 degrees) and smashed both my big toes. I will be losing both toenails shortly as they are purple and black. What was I thinking going to do concrete in Arizona in July? I actually love it after i am done because it cleans the creative pallet. Everything tastes better and smells better after you almost DIE doing something miserable. IT gets the creative juices flowing and puts everything back in perspective. For that it is worth it. Anyway, I ended up taking some pictures with my new camera that I bought on the way down. I switched to Nikon this week. Sick of Canon’s breaking down!!

May 12, 2008

Liz and Ryan


Liz and Ryan: May 6, 2008 at the Salt Lake Temple. What an awesome wedding. I always learn knew things as I observe didn’t people as I shoot different events. I learned a lot from these two families. I can’t quite put it in words but as a father of three children I only hope my family is as tight as these that I saw. Photographing people is what I love because everyone is unique and it is never dull because of that. I love shooting at the Tuscany which is where the reception was held. I left my wallet at my uncle’s house in Springville the night before and almost ran out of gas on the way to the reception (of course you never mention those kind of things right). I got some sweet pics of the band. There website is www.abekaelin.com . They were awesome. The guitarist owns the very guitar I have coveted for years. This was an all around fun wedding with plenty to shoot. I should mention the food was great as well. A photographer has to learn to eat fast and keep one hand free but being a food lover I always manage and this was no exception. This may be tacky but over the years I have developed some stealth methods of eating and shooting at the same time and I never go hungry and many times my clients are worried that I didn’t get anything to eat. I do have photographer friends that don’t believe in eating on the job. I feel sorry for them because most weddings I shoot have great food. Anyway here are but a few of the many pics.