June 27, 2013

Do you wanna know how to get family pictures for cheap on July 13? Read on…


You may recall that last March I spent a little time in Guatemala with the Jensen and Denning families. I was so impressed with them and with Guatemala that I swore to come back and visit, only next time I want to bring our whole family. Today the Dennings and Jensens were featured on ksl.com for what they are doing over there :http://m.ksl.com/index/story/sid/25759775

They have purchased a piece of farmland with their own money have begun the project but it needs funding to complete. It is a beautiful place but above all I saw firsthand how it is helping people completely change their lives. They helped one man almost double his income and his food supply to feed his family and help him not have to move away to work in another town. HUGE HELP!!

I want to help and I want to enlist your help so I want to do what I do best, take pictures!

Seriously, if ever effort were going toward something with major impact it is this!

Get Family Pictures and Help Out!!

So July 13 I am doing my family portraits at a HUGE discount and every dime will go toward helping fund the mayan eco homestead project

Here is what I will do. I will charge $150 for a family up to six people and instead of paying me, you will go here and donate $150.  You can get some great images AND change lives!!

I will give you ALL the images on a disc or download so you can have them forever. 

If you have been putting off family pictures, do it now and bring your friends, family and neighbors. I will do 30 minutes per family which will include individuals of your children. Contact me to schedule and find out the location. Help me fill my calendar by spreading the word! 

Watch the video and email me at [email protected] for a slot on July 13. I hope that I am so busy that day that I completely crash at the end of the day.


Tell everyone!

They are almost half way to reaching their goal but they only have 26 days left.

Watch this video:


Thank You!!!

May 31, 2013

Amber and Jake


This time of year I am soooo busy so you probably have noticed the decline in posts. To be honest I literally got so busy that I forgot that I even had a blog. The shame! Here is a photo session from last evening with Amber and Jake. Handsome couple!

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April 15, 2013

The winning number…


Thanks to everyone who came by to visit at the USU bridal show on Saturday. We handed out a number for every bride that came through and today we are drawing one of those numbers for a free formal photo session.

And the winner is…..

Please contact me as soon as possible and we can arrange a time.

Thanks again!

Sincerely, Casey

February 12, 2013

Jamie Oliver and Italy

Jamie Oliver and Italy

Jamie Oliver is one of the few people I follow on Instagram. I gained a lot of respect for him a couple years ago when I watched a video of him on a culinary journey through Italy. As some of you know I spent 2 incredible years in Italy as a missionary for my church. It is hard not to love Italy and the Italians. There is a food depth there that is difficult to explain. It is so traditional and fresh and fantastic that in their eyes they have reached the pinnacle of perfection and why change perfection? Jamie Oliver, even though he had been mentored by an Italian chef I don’t think he quite understood Italians until he went on this 2 month journey and tried to do the impossible, cook for Italians. It is not that he is not capable, it is simply that he didn’t understand that his embellishments would not be accepted. From top to bottom there is little variation in ice cream and pizza for example. It is not like here where we try to be original and unique. In Italy there are no pizza chains. In fact, except for some McDonalds here and there there aren’t really fast food chains at all. Each pizzeria is unique yet tows the line to tradition. Difficult to explain. Anyway, on his journey he discovered that Italians in general were not as progressive as his Italian mentor.

He doesn’t care. He does what might be the closest thing to a gladiator today. He cooks for Italians and every where he goes they are not pleased. As I watched it was like a scary movie. Don’t go in there!! Don’t do that, you don’t know what you are getting into!! Yet, like Rocky he just keeps getting up and trying. It was pure grit and I learned why he is so successful. He is fearless. What a quality. Watch all the parts of this on youtube and you will understand Italy more than anything I have seen.

P.S. He is also a great photographer palermo  Unknown

February 8, 2013

E. Idaho State Fair

E. Idaho State Fair

My mom texted me today to tell me to block out a date to go to my gramma’s for an easter egg hunt up in Firth, Idaho. I texted back, “You better not be playing with me!” The reality is I don’t know one of my cousins who wouldn’t drop a trip to Disneyland, Europe or a guaranteed sighting of Elvis and Michael Jackson combined to go to my grandma’s farm. In my first year of marriage we discovered that my wife’s best friend was getting married the weekend we were scheduled to go to Grammas. I said, “That sucks we won’t be able to go to her wedding! We can send her a card.” I was not joking and that is the funny thing. I really thought she would choose grandmas over her friends wedding. Lucky for us she had read the date wrong. I think knowing what she knows now she would have chosen grandmas. In fact, I know she would.

My grandpa turned 94 last week so we can’t go up as often and so a personal invitation is like being invited into an inner circle that only a few can enter. He is still strong as an OX but we are a big group.
The amount and quality of the traditions that occur on the farm are as impossible to describe as it is trying to understand North Korea (only in a good way). Certain things have never changed. We typically go around Easter and Labor Day.

Labor Day means Eastern Idaho State Fair time. There is no fair like it in all the world!! We go out with the cousins in packs likes wolves only stopping for Tiger Ears and Ice Cream Cones at Reed’s Dairy (Huckleberry is off the charts) and an occasional foot long corn dog or Turkey Drum (not recommended). We have had the fortune of passing this tradition on to our children who in turn can’t wait to go to the fair each year for their own individual reasons.

If you have been to the Eastern Idaho State Fair you join an instant fellowship I have found. If you have ever seen the Alligator wrestler, monkey’s who do back flips while riding small ponies, Mexican Trapese Acrobats or the arm wresting competition where it is a prerequisite to wear Wranglers and have a Tobacco ring on your back pocket just to make it on stage, you understand what I am talking about. I LOVE AMERICA! Give me a shout out if you have experienced the EISF!

fair cross process


tickets corndogs fairmaddiferriswheelfairscuggets fairtigerears fair nuggets evyandsami


February 4, 2013

the return of an old friend: The Nikon N90s

the return of an old friend: The Nikon N90s

Back in 2000-2003 I used to use this film camera to take candid shots at weddings and events. It is the 35 mm Nikon N90s.  Thinking about it, it was the first “real” camera that I personally owned. I shook the dust off it and fired a couple rounds through it this weekend with some Fuji proH 400 film that I found in an old desk. To be honest I am not that fond of the camera and don’t have much attachment to it like I do some of the other beauties. I was lazy and only went within a 50 feet of my front porch for these shots. Some of my kids friends were used as guinea pigs so I hope their parents forgive me.

Processed one hour at Maceys Supermarket.


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