December 10, 2013

Some people dream of white sandy beaches…..




Ok, if you haven’t been on a photo shoot with me or don’t know me very well then this may seem a bit strange. Well, thinking about it, even if you know me it might sound a little strange. Anyway, I just went on a dream vacation, not to Hawaii, but to the DMZ which if you don’t know is the border of South and North Korea. What ??? Yup, it was on my top 5 list of things to do along with the Transiberian Railway, Mongolia, Morocco and Jerusalem.

Why in the heck would anyone want to go to the DMZ?



Well, the answer for me is mystery and curiosity. Let me be clear in saying that I have no sympathies for North Korea. My grandfather fought against North Korea in the Korean War and used to tell me stories while we fished. I think their leaders are crazy. How can you resist looking at crazy though? I can’t. I understand people are living in extreme conditions over there and it maddens me but you have to laugh about the leadership over there a little. I mean come on. Not only did they discover a unicorn lair there last year but their leaders also invented the hamburger, got 11 holes in one their first time golfing and they chose our worst citizen (Dennis Rodman) to visit for “diplomatic” purposes. You can’t make this stuff up.


That is North Korea in the distance. I wasn’t allowed any closer with my camera.

All laughing aside though North Korea is full of people who have little touch with the outside world. I have read so many books on this region and frankly still so little is known and that blows my mind.

The DMZ is not the only reason for going to South Korea though. Truthfully, I think South Korea has the most under appreciated Asian food in existence. That is my opinion. Seoul is home to over 15 million people and I swear there is like 1 restaurant for every 10 people. The food is everywhere and it is



Forget about what you have heard about kimchi. If you can’t get past this fermented spicy cabbage then you are missing out on so much. The soups, the barbecue, the gimbap (basically sushi), the Kalbi grill, etc… are unforgettable. And honestly, to me there is nothing more interesting than open air food markets and Seoul has a bunch of them. The Gwangjang market is the oldest in Seoul and I swear 90% of the stuff I saw there I had never even heard of. It is like an open aired museum with shoulder to shoulder activity. There is a palpable energy in food markets. Food brings people together. I do not exaggerate when I tell you that I could spend an entire day in one market. Pretty impressive for someone who can’t stand shopping at home, eh.


Oh yeah, for you people who do like Kimchi, did I mention that I am a graduate of the Kimchi academy? Yup, I went to Kimchi school in Seoul. It wasn’t planned but I am so glad I did it. It was a blast!!


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My fellow graduates. The Heng family from Singapore. They are hoping to come visit us soon and go to Yellowstone. They were fantastic!!kimchi



Silk worm Larvaedsc_1306 dsc_1308

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August 28, 2013

Maryn and James



Well, its the end of an era. I have had the great pleasure of photographing three weddings for the Lee family and Maryn was the last one. I learned a lot from their family and we have become good friends. I love seeing new families created and watching them grow. To me the wedding is all about the family and that is why I love it. My best wishes to Maryn and James.

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June 27, 2013

Do you wanna know how to get family pictures for cheap on July 13? Read on…


You may recall that last March I spent a little time in Guatemala with the Jensen and Denning families. I was so impressed with them and with Guatemala that I swore to come back and visit, only next time I want to bring our whole family. Today the Dennings and Jensens were featured on for what they are doing over there :

They have purchased a piece of farmland with their own money have begun the project but it needs funding to complete. It is a beautiful place but above all I saw firsthand how it is helping people completely change their lives. They helped one man almost double his income and his food supply to feed his family and help him not have to move away to work in another town. HUGE HELP!!

I want to help and I want to enlist your help so I want to do what I do best, take pictures!

Seriously, if ever effort were going toward something with major impact it is this!

Get Family Pictures and Help Out!!

So July 13 I am doing my family portraits at a HUGE discount and every dime will go toward helping fund the mayan eco homestead project

Here is what I will do. I will charge $150 for a family up to six people and instead of paying me, you will go here and donate $150.  You can get some great images AND change lives!!

I will give you ALL the images on a disc or download so you can have them forever. 

If you have been putting off family pictures, do it now and bring your friends, family and neighbors. I will do 30 minutes per family which will include individuals of your children. Contact me to schedule and find out the location. Help me fill my calendar by spreading the word! 

Watch the video and email me at for a slot on July 13. I hope that I am so busy that day that I completely crash at the end of the day.


Tell everyone!

They are almost half way to reaching their goal but they only have 26 days left.

Watch this video:


Thank You!!!

May 31, 2013

Amber and Jake


This time of year I am soooo busy so you probably have noticed the decline in posts. To be honest I literally got so busy that I forgot that I even had a blog. The shame! Here is a photo session from last evening with Amber and Jake. Handsome couple!

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April 15, 2013

The winning number…


Thanks to everyone who came by to visit at the USU bridal show on Saturday. We handed out a number for every bride that came through and today we are drawing one of those numbers for a free formal photo session.

And the winner is…..

Please contact me as soon as possible and we can arrange a time.

Thanks again!

Sincerely, Casey