April 7, 2008

Never wear sandles in the Desert!!


Featured here are some images from a photo shoot in Scottsdale, AZ. What a beautiful weekend it was. My wife came down with me and we left the kids home. We got home last night and woke up to snow on the ground this morning. The first thing I noticed when we got there was that the desert area in Scottsdale is a gold mine for photographs. So I thought it would be a good idea to end our photo shoot among the cacti of Arizona. So we got out there and I had the family where I want them and I began to shoot. I began to back up and stepped my mesh shoes right into a “jumping cactus” called such because of it’s ability to detach from the mother cactus. So I had a ball of cactus stuck in my foot and my friend Kelly came to help me get it out. Meanwhile I back up into another and get one stuck in my leg. Mind you these are like porcupine quills with barbs on the end. They are meant to stick and pulling them out means pulling out your flesh with it. Kelly yanks the cactus out when I wasn’t expecting it and it hurt like a mother. I then began working on getting the cactus out of my foot when all of the sudden I look up and Kelly has got the previous ball stuck in his hand. So I began to help him get that out and then Kelly saw that I was about to step on the last one that came off the my leg and he picked it up and threw it without thinking and it went right into his sons foot. His feet were exposed because he was wearing sandles. He began to scream and kick and it got really stuck so we had to pick him up and hold him still. We had no idea how to get all of those barbs out of his foot because he had so many stuck deep (later I counted 15 holes in his foot). While I was thinking Kelly grabs the sandle and yanks as hard as he can and pulls the hole cactus out in one swoop. It was the equivalent of getting a tooth pulled when it is not even loose. I have never heard of a plant more appropriately named than the “jumping cactus”. The image where Kelly is holding his son is right after this whole incident. In that moment Jackson said to Kelly, “Dad, why did you throw that at my foot?” We managed to get a few shots off anyway.

March 12, 2008

Day in the Life- Huge Intro Special



Introduction Special– The first 10 families to book this month will receive this offer for $500 (includes four hours of coverage for anything you wish, a 40 page bookstyle album with hardback cover featuring up to 100 photos and (1) 11×14, online posting) This requires consultation so we can plan out the event. This offer only requires that you purchase during this month. You may book your event for anytime within the next six months.
What is a “Day in the Life” event?
Four years ago we began to do a family event titled a “Day in the Life” which took family photography to a level only the Kennedy’s had experienced. This is a new concept for many folks so we are doing our best to introduce it to the public with a new introduction offer that will blow your mind. The end product is an awesome book style album. We offer both half day and full day photo shoots and we range between 500-3000 images per session. Although not all images will be used in the book it is essential to providing the best photos of the session. This may seem like a lot of photos but we are making a book that requires a lot of variety. It may interest you to know that a National Geographic photographer may take as many as 35,000 images for one single article. We believe that your family is more important than a National Geographic article and wish that we could spend that much time with you but instead we have just scaled it down a bit. Some events we might photograph are: water skiing, hiking, vacation, at home, sporting event, golfing, swimming, going to the fair or and Amusement park or whatever else you can think of. The sky is the limit. This will revolutionize the way you look at family photography forever on. Contact me at 801-979-0161 or email me at sageworld@gmail.com.

February 9, 2008



Jackboy has got the whole house to himself. His two sisters are at their cousins for the weekend and he is loving the attention. It always gives me some time to do some one on one photos with him in his element. Our first kid got plenty of solo documentation so I try to balance it out and get each kid individually as much as possible. They are each so unique and fun and childhood only happens once and I want to remember it.-Casey

October 2, 2007

Barney Family


Let me introduce you to the Barney family. We did this little photo shoot up Big Cottonwood canyon Tuesday night. It was a blast! I love this time of year for pics. Great family!

October 1, 2007

Sanpete County


This past weekend we went down to Sanpete County. For those of you who don’t know where it is think Ephraim, Manti, Moroni, Turkey country. I attended Snow College in Ephraim in 1995-1996. I had never heard of Snow College until my best friend recieved a scholarship for building construction for 1995. His highschool girlfriend’s dad was the “Woods” teacher at Bingham High School so Ivun figured it was in his best interest to become well acquainted with wood. So his first two classes in the morning were wood working. I had 3rd period English with him. One day he came to class and said he had just received a scholarship to Snow College and that all he had to do was raise his hand when the Snow College Rep asked if anybody wanted one (I think his girlfriend’s dad may had some part to play in it). Ivun asked me if I wanted to go. I said yes before I even knew where it was. I met my wife the first night down there. It was September 23, 1995. Ivun met his wife a little later. He saw her singing at an event and came home and told me that he was going to marry this girl that was singing. He had to break ties with his old girlfriend but low and behold they are married with 4 kids today and are here represented in this photo I took this weekend. What is unique about this photo is that it was taken on my friend Ted Dehaan’s 10 acre parcel of land in Mt. Pleasant. It is a beautiful spread. I have attached a picture of their home as well. We spent the night and went fishing and shooting in the morning. I caught a few mountain rainbows.

Saturday night we sent into Ephraim and Snow College and drove around remembering how much fun we had that year. It truly was the best year of my life. Ivun and I were roomates and we were very low on cash that year. I went and got my fishing license to bring home food for us. I used to go catch my limit at Urn Reservoir up Manti canyon. Unfortunately a limit of 6- 10 inch trout doesn’t feed many people. So Ivun went and got a deer tag and shot a deer. We stayed up till 5:00 am cutting up the meat on that thing. That fed us for a while. I think if you plan your life out too much you’ll miss out on a lot of the adventures that happen with spontaneity. That decision to go to Snow College was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I could go on with many more details but it would bore you so I’ll just tell you we had a good time.