October 23, 2012

It’s that time of the year again…


Every year my little brother gets his pumpkin knives out and creates something for my cousin who is the main blogger for TEEN.com. He did Jacob and Edward a few years ago and it went viral. He did Bieber and it went viral. My cousin this year had him do the boys from One Direction (I didn’t know who they were until it was explained to me). This is the first installment. We are so proud. 🙂

See Bieber’s pumpkin from Halloween’s past here.

August 12, 2012

Summer Series- Bear Lake and chatter


Here is the Top 5 regrets people have on their death bed
I thought it was interesting that #2 is “I wish I didn’t work so hard.” You probably don’t know this about me but since an early age my life’s mission is to get people (especially those closest to me) to slow down, stop and feel for as second. This is a lesson that the aged have learned when they stop and look back and think how meaningless everything else was.
Every once in a while I have a panic attack that my kids will not be kids some day. I don’t want to be in my 70’s and think “I didn’t spend enough time with them”. Of course they need time to be on their own (I was 16 when I started working out of state with no parents) But stop and think about how much time children spend with teachers, coaches, friends, TV, Video games etc… Go to school, get home, do homework, go to dance or soccer, play with friends, eat sometime, go to bed and do it all over again. Run, run, run all the time!!! When does the parent, the provider, the people who have ultimate responsibility for these children get their turn? Remember, one of the 7 habits of highly effective people was to “sharpen your saw”. I think America in it’s hyperactive state is due for some sharpening.  Slow down. If you are so busy that you are miserable maybe it is time that you try something new. Sound old fashioned? Abnormal? Have you checked the latest stats on what is normal?

Off my soap box:

Bear Lake, Utah with my Mamiya RZ67 film camera (get out of the boring Nikon vs. Canon rut and pick up one of the million other cameras out there) Kodak Portra 400 turned BW. Admittedly, this camera is as large as a couch almost but it is beautiful.


August 8, 2012

Neil has still got it!!


A couple weeks ago I attended my 6th Neil Diamond concert with my wife and her family. Every three years Neil comes to Utah and every three years we make an exodus to Salt Lake to see his greatness. I can’t remember the movie but there is a quote that goes something like, “There are two types of people. Those who like Neil Diamond and those who don’t.” I think this is incorrect. I think there are two types of people those who love Neil Diamond and those who haven’t discovered his greatness yet. 🙂

I noticed at the concert that there was a wide variety of Neil fans from young to old, geek to sleek. I am going to be bold and say Neil is one of the best song writers of the last century. Nearly every song he sings he has written unlike many artists today who are spoon fed songs cause they don’t have an original thought. He has written songs like Red Red Wine which UB40 took and became famous with or I’m a Believer which the Monkees used became famous.

Spend a little time with Neil and you too will be able to say “I’m a Believer”!!

Yes, I am serious.



August 6, 2012

Summer Series: Jack’s Birthday


When Jack turned 4 we celebrated his birthday in Yellowstone with just our little family. We opened a box of Raspberry Hostess Donuts and put candles in them and that was Jack’s Birthday cake. He has wanted that ever since and hopefully the tradition carries. For Jack’s 6th we spent a half day at the Logan Aquatic Center.

These are ALL film straight out of the camera. You may wonder why I wouldn’t just use instagram or something cheaper like that. I do, all the time! The thought process is totally different though when you have to think about wasting a frame due to thoughtlessness.  The film and developing for this roll costs almost as much as the plastic camera I used to get it. It is about $1.45 every time I pull the trigger so I make sure I nail it.


July 26, 2012

No place like the Yellowstone


I get the call of the wild every summer. Yellowstone calls me like no where else. I feel so lucky to live so close. It is the only place I actually like tourists. Yesterday at our campsite we had Koreans on the left and West Virginians on the right. The W. Virginians drive 32 hours to get there and they come often. The Koreans saw that we were from Utah and in broken english asked if we were Mormons. She about blew a gasket when she found out we were. They have a son on a mission in Seoul Korea but they live in Arizona. I told them that Korean food was my favorite food and the next thing I know she was gathering a bag full of fine Korean food which became our lunch that afternoon. Yes, Korean food is awesome and underrated too.

Anyway, this was an epic trip with my family. You can spend a lifetime there and still discover new things. Only 10% is really seen by tourists. In the last decade 1,500 new waterfalls have been discovered that no one knew about and they are still finding them. We found a waterfall out in the middle of the forest that was safe to swim in for all ages. It is hidden and you have to walk across a river on a fallen tree to get there so it is hard to find.We swam in it and cleaned up under the falls.  It was like a hidden paradise. It will likely remain that way.

We are going back in September for a wedding I have in Jackson Hole and we will be doing support for my friends doing LOTOJA. We are going to do our family pictures by this scene below with the little stream.

These pictures were taken on the road between Madison and Old Faithful early morning.

June 4, 2012

Family reunion coming up?


Over the years I have been asked to photograph a zillion family reunions and i just want to put it out there that I LOVE THEM! I Love families!! So I wanted to show you how a family reunion photo shoot works. This photo shoot below took a total of 45 minutes and we were able to do a large family group, breakdowns of each family, cousins together, girl cousins, boy cousins, grandchildren with the grandparents, and even couple photos of each set of parents and we had time left over for some individual portraits.

I am going to brag now. I can do a large family like this very quickly and efficiently and still make them look great. The number one compliment I have received time and time again is “That was painless and a lot quicker than I thought.”

One of the biggest challenges in choosing a location for a large family is lighting everybody the same so the picture actually looks good. I spend a lot of time prior to each session just scouting locations so that when the times comes we can work quickly.

Now is a great time of year for pictures so if you have a reunion coming up give me a call.

This session was taken minutes away from Bear Lake!!

February 22, 2012

What to wear on a photo session….


Hmmmmm..Now here is a question that is difficult for me to answer but often asked. I hope to help a little with some resources that I have painstakingly researched. Please take time to prepare for your photo session. A little preparation goes a long way. In fact most compelling, timeless images are a result of great clothing.
Ok, so looks don’t hurt either but you get the point.

#1 Put some thought into it.
#2 Coordinate locations with color if possible.(keep an eye out for locations that may work with your clothing and consult photographer)
#3 Be yourself
#4 Nothing happens by accident in Hollywood
#5 Contrast- (for example in winter reds, yellows, purples, blacks, etc.. can contrast against the snow or earthy colors and look awesome!)
#6 Compliment- Blend with an environment by acting like a chamoleon. A green grass hill with blue sky can look great with earth tones for example.
#7 Timeless is best- suits on guys, dresses, ties, etc..
#8 Go with the seasons. Wear a coat in the winter, just make it a cool coat. Short sleeves in winter are out of place. Add color in the winter when there is none.
#9 Bring extra clothing because photographers often improvise according to what is available.
#10 Some things call for less color- Black or browns can look good in a forest of Quaking Aspen for example or contrasted in a wheat field.
Sources for ideas for women are Polyvore , Lindsey’s Photography: Shows great layout of clothing color schemes , Color Palettes, Fashion 101: How to combine colors, Men’s clothing: Real Men, Real Style
Polyvore will let you create your own color scheme with drag and drop clothing so you can see what things will look like and even coordinate clothing for an upcoming family session. (Always fun!)

A good book for men is Sharp Suits


If you know of any other good sources please share!

December 14, 2011

Jack’s Birthday and longing for summer


Now that we are close to winter solstice (the shortest day of the year) I am going to make us all suffer and look at the Summer Equinox (the longest day of the year) June 21st. Jack’s birthday is on this day and this past summer we celebrated his 5th by roasting a pig on my pig roaster and we hired a couple clowns. I want to put a plug in for these two clowns. They were in my scout group and both learned to ride unicycles. They are a little bashful about going out and getting gigs but for $30 they can out on a killer show for your kids. Contact me if you want their info.