February 10, 2014

Brave the cold and get cheap portraits!




Honestly, I should get paid more to go out in the cold because of the pain but instead I am going to give an incentive for those brave souls who would like some portraits of their children. I am going to do 30 minute children portrait sessions for $100 each including the images. Crazy cheap! Throw your family in there if you like for an extra $25. This is valid for February only. We can do a lot in 30 minutes. Email me at casey@iamcasey.com if you want to freeze with me.

This is a session I did with some great friends of mine who came to visit from Ireland. I was able to photograph them in Ireland in 2008 and since then they have multiplied. We are planning to visit them this year some time. They are a blast to hang out with!  These are their children and a friend of theirs. Cute kids!!

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December 5, 2013

Deck your home with LDS contemporary art


Just prior to Thanksgiving I spent a few days helping launch a really cool site that LDS members are going to love. It is called Latterdayhome.com 

It really is revolutionizing the way you will look at LDS artwork. It is long overdue and very contemporary for modern LDS homes. I was able to do the photography for the creators of Latter Day Home and I am so impressed with their taste and their vision. Please check it out and pick some thing up for the holidays.

Keep your eyes on their site because there will be more to come no doubt!!!


February 19, 2013

Snapshots of the kids

Snapshots of the kids

5x7jackbridge_6103“You must take tons of pictures of your kids.” This is a comment I hear quite a bit. The truth is, I do, but not always the way people think. I am not super picky about the camera we have on hand. Hauling a big ol’ camera everywhere you go can get old so I have some compact cameras that get the job done a lot. I bring out the big guns when I am feeling it. The important thing is to capture it, no matter the medium. I really love this little Sony point and shoot camera we bought for $100 because it does great video. It truly is amazing that a little camera like that does a better job than the big old VHS cameras of my elementary years. If you are the type that doesn’t mind looking at family videos then check out our 2012 video we created. We had so much fun last year I can’t imagine not capturing it!! It is like 18 minutes so beware: http://vimeo.com/56178244

My wife and I have been going through some old pics looking for ones we want to print. Here are some of the images we found that we haven’t seen in a while. It goes so fast.

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jackmontage5x7 verandsami samihalloween jackshine jackin the box img_5753 img_5752 img_5747 img_5708 img_5705 img_5695 CMP_9870 CMP_9666 CMP_9258 CMP_9019 CMP_6564 CMP_6560 CMP_6541 babyears CMP_0451 000050200007 jack_0036

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day!!

melandcasey017Our engagement photo 1999. As usual I am a walking fashion statement.  We haven’t had a normal Valentines Day in 11 years because our oldest daughter was born on Valentine’s Day so we end up having a party or something. Whoever marries her can kill two birds with one stone.

The last real date we had on Valentines was in 2000. It was a blast. We went to this Peruvian restaurant and the waitress took our order and then came back 20 minutes later and said, “What did you order again?” All the while we thought our food was being prepared. Ten minutes later she came out again and said, “We are out of that, you need to order something different.” She was so sweet there was no way we could be mad but we did have a movie to catch so we were thinking that might not happen. We got a little anxious and decided to peek in the kitchen just as the cook was putting Western Family french fries in the oil. We sat down, our meals came and the power went out!! No lights, pitch dark! We were not sure what to do and just then the cook got out and pulled his car up to the window and blasted his high beams right through the window. Light!!! We had a romantic dinner for two (the only two in the restaurant) over car light! Great memories!

February 8, 2013

E. Idaho State Fair

E. Idaho State Fair

My mom texted me today to tell me to block out a date to go to my gramma’s for an easter egg hunt up in Firth, Idaho. I texted back, “You better not be playing with me!” The reality is I don’t know one of my cousins who wouldn’t drop a trip to Disneyland, Europe or a guaranteed sighting of Elvis and Michael Jackson combined to go to my grandma’s farm. In my first year of marriage we discovered that my wife’s best friend was getting married the weekend we were scheduled to go to Grammas. I said, “That sucks we won’t be able to go to her wedding! We can send her a card.” I was not joking and that is the funny thing. I really thought she would choose grandmas over her friends wedding. Lucky for us she had read the date wrong. I think knowing what she knows now she would have chosen grandmas. In fact, I know she would.

My grandpa turned 94 last week so we can’t go up as often and so a personal invitation is like being invited into an inner circle that only a few can enter. He is still strong as an OX but we are a big group.
The amount and quality of the traditions that occur on the farm are as impossible to describe as it is trying to understand North Korea (only in a good way). Certain things have never changed. We typically go around Easter and Labor Day.

Labor Day means Eastern Idaho State Fair time. There is no fair like it in all the world!! We go out with the cousins in packs likes wolves only stopping for Tiger Ears and Ice Cream Cones at Reed’s Dairy (Huckleberry is off the charts) and an occasional foot long corn dog or Turkey Drum (not recommended). We have had the fortune of passing this tradition on to our children who in turn can’t wait to go to the fair each year for their own individual reasons.

If you have been to the Eastern Idaho State Fair you join an instant fellowship I have found. If you have ever seen the Alligator wrestler, monkey’s who do back flips while riding small ponies, Mexican Trapese Acrobats or the arm wresting competition where it is a prerequisite to wear Wranglers and have a Tobacco ring on your back pocket just to make it on stage, you understand what I am talking about. I LOVE AMERICA! Give me a shout out if you have experienced the EISF!

fair cross process


tickets corndogs fairmaddiferriswheelfairscuggets fairtigerears fair nuggets evyandsami


January 8, 2013

Twin Falls,Traditions and Toddlers


I know it is too early to post images of summer time so please forgive me. This first image is reminiscent of times when we use to sit on the stairs at my grammies in Blackfoot and eat ice cream cones. It is hard to imagine the amount of traditions that were born on my grandma’s farm. To name a few: Bocce, making movies, playing Atari, tubing in the canal, rummikub, playing dress-up for fashion show till we were in our twenties, cousins, fishing on the pond, summer fish fry, and I could go on but it might bore you because they are all family traditions. Just know this. They have been transformational in my life. My grandpa is about to turn 94 and my grandma is 9 years his younger and they still put on a lively party. Life is good!

These were taken at my cousin’s in Twin Falls. We have certain traditions with my cousin Melissa and her husband Derek too. Derek and I cook Asian, Indian or Thai food every time we get together. He served a mission over in Indonesia and Singapore and learned a bunch. The food is off the charts.

I am interested to hear about your family traditions so maybe I can steal one or two. Pipe up!

Mamiya rz67 film straight out of the camera, no photoshop please.


On the way home from Twin was something else.


January 2, 2013

Thompson Fam braving the cold

Thompson Fam braving the cold

The Thompsons are our fantastic neighbors to the west. We went out into the cold last Saturday and had a good time with the snow hanging on the branches still. Contrary to what you might think. This can be a great time of year for family portraits because I am giving a 20% discount in January and February and there are a lot of beautiful things. Average photo session for a family lasts 20-30 minutes so don’t be afraid of the cold. cmp_4741cmp_4818
cmp_4641 cmp_4855 cmp_4843