October 3, 20080

This is my second blog post in ten minutes but I wanted to post these cause I shot it more than a week ago and I won’t have a chance to post it for a while. I am going to have to post again on this one because there is much much more…. you may recognize these two from an earlier post. We had to split up one photo shoot into two sessions because Eric is out of the country often. We had some serious adventures.

September 9, 2008

Eric and Caroline


Always racing against the sun!! Eric is the brother of Mark who you can see two posts ago. They are both getting married within a month and a half of each other. I have had the pleasure to get to photograph both of them and look forward to our upcoming photo shoots. They have some great ideas which helps a lot. Caroline is easy to shoot probably because her father is a photographer. I know my kids are surely used to being photographed. Eric if you are reading this I wanted to mention another book that I just read that you might like. It is called “King Leopold’s Ghost”. It is the story of a the King of Belgium and his not so kind take over of the Congo around the end of the 1800s. You may have already read it. Anyway here are a few pics of phase one of our adventure. More to come…….

August 25, 2008

Mark and Hillarie


I gained a lot of new friends on this photo shoot. Some of Mark and Hillarie’s family came along to help and I couldn’t have done it without them. Thanks guys!! We had a lot of fun in Salt Lake and up at Snowbird. I am so impressed with both Hillarie and Mark and their families. As a parent I appreciate the advice I get from parents who have raised up successful families. I learn a lot. They also introduced me to the yogurt place , “Spoon Me”. My lanta that was some good stuff!! It is like natural yogurt with natural fruit. Not to get too detailed but mine had peaches, blackberries and raspberries. More fun to come from these guys.

September 27, 2007

Brooke and Tyler


This is a photo of Brooke and Tyler, soon to be married. It has been great to get to know them better. They remind me a lot of my wife and I, just really easy going. I like this picture a lot because the background is a porta potty. Now that I say that you can probably see what it is by the color and a few of the shapes. I love making something out of nothing. Most of my time is spent making something out of nothing. I have to turn a mediocre environment into one that looks unique and like something out of a Martha Stewart magazine. This porta potty picture is a statement for me that I find is a reoccurring theme throughout my life which is that “you don’t have to have a lot to be somebody” Many modern philosophers call it he HAVE-DO-BE syndrome. In other words you have to HAVE something in order to BE somebody. It is very subtle but it is a common theme in our generation. The reverse is BE-DO-HAVE. I am going to be somebody first and I will acquire later after I am somebody. Common Have-do-be thoughts are: “I will get in shape as soon as I HAVE a membership to the gym.” Another is “I will be happy when I have some more money.” It is always an outside force that they are looking for. The truth is they will never be happy and they will always be fat because the gym membership will get old in a couple months and money in and of itself does not give one happiness. So back to the porta potty. I make the best of my situation. Resources are all around me I just have to see them through a different set of glasses. I have trained about a half a dozen photographers and the ones who fail are still saying things like, “As soon as I get a new camera” or “I need a studio before I can be successful”. Do not fool yourself. My first six months as a photographer I didn’t even own a camera. Make it happen.