November 2, 2012

A big surprise….and a ring.


Parker emailed me the day before this photo shoot and said he wanted to talk to me about something. I called him and he told me he wanted to propose to Felica during the photo shoot we had planned for the next day at Antelope Island. Clever. So his dad called me and we discussed where they could put a table with some props for the proposal. They found a place and placed everything just over a ridge out of view. Everyone knew what was going on except Felica and frankly I don’t know why but I was nervous, partly because I wasn’t totally sure how it was going to play out (because I didn’t know the lighting or where it was or anything before hand). As it turns out Parker’s family did an awesome job setting everything up, hiding and directing me on how to walk to this location and as we came over the ridge and saw the table Parker should win an Oscar for his one liner, “Can we use this?” As if he thought it belonged to someone else. Felica responded, “We are going to ruin someone else’s engagement.” She still had no idea until he sat her down and began his proposal. Her expressions were priceless as she realized what was going on. It took some time for nerves to calm down but it was a great way to start a photo shoot because they were all smiles the rest of the night. 🙂

I had some help from Ron Adair at Adair Creative, who was getting some footage for my website (me in action, ha ha) The light was off the charts and he also got some great footage of the proposal. Check out his stuff here. He and I have worked on numerous projects together over the years. There is no one more dedicated.

March 10, 2012

Bri and Alan: Antelope Island


This was taken from the back seat of a car going 65 mph

I will be with Bri and Alan in Los Angeles on their wedding day in April. Can’t wait!
P.S. Those footprints on the beach were not their footprints. Can you guess what they were from?
P.S.S. There are quite a few coyotes on Antelope Island. We could hear them and we saw one. There are dead birds everywhere so I guess that is why they hang around.

February 22, 2012

What to wear on a photo session….


Hmmmmm..Now here is a question that is difficult for me to answer but often asked. I hope to help a little with some resources that I have painstakingly researched. Please take time to prepare for your photo session. A little preparation goes a long way. In fact most compelling, timeless images are a result of great clothing.
Ok, so looks don’t hurt either but you get the point.

#1 Put some thought into it.
#2 Coordinate locations with color if possible.(keep an eye out for locations that may work with your clothing and consult photographer)
#3 Be yourself
#4 Nothing happens by accident in Hollywood
#5 Contrast- (for example in winter reds, yellows, purples, blacks, etc.. can contrast against the snow or earthy colors and look awesome!)
#6 Compliment- Blend with an environment by acting like a chamoleon. A green grass hill with blue sky can look great with earth tones for example.
#7 Timeless is best- suits on guys, dresses, ties, etc..
#8 Go with the seasons. Wear a coat in the winter, just make it a cool coat. Short sleeves in winter are out of place. Add color in the winter when there is none.
#9 Bring extra clothing because photographers often improvise according to what is available.
#10 Some things call for less color- Black or browns can look good in a forest of Quaking Aspen for example or contrasted in a wheat field.
Sources for ideas for women are Polyvore , Lindsey’s Photography: Shows great layout of clothing color schemes , Color Palettes, Fashion 101: How to combine colors, Men’s clothing: Real Men, Real Style
Polyvore will let you create your own color scheme with drag and drop clothing so you can see what things will look like and even coordinate clothing for an upcoming family session. (Always fun!)

A good book for men is Sharp Suits


If you know of any other good sources please share!