October 10, 2013

The fastest clients I have ever had…



Bryant and Lisa just got married! Shortly after, Bryant went and just “shattered the previous St. George Marathon record of 2:16.42”. He was the overall winner and he is now headed to the Boston Marathon. Lisa ran at BYU and he ran at Weber State previous to getting married and now they can run together.

Congratulations Bryant!!! Good luck in Boston!

Article on Bryant’s win:


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September 26, 2013

Alli and Scott



This summer was so incredible!! The best I have ever had! In large part it was because I made a lot of new friends with whom I had so much in common. I am a little eccentric (depending on who you talk to)  but Scott was right there with me. Most people look at me cross eyed when I tell them I make home made cheese or that I just bought 30 pounds of raw olives shipped from California so I can brine them. Scott is a potter and a general renaissance man so he gets it. Great time! Great couple!

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May 31, 2013

Amber and Jake


This time of year I am soooo busy so you probably have noticed the decline in posts. To be honest I literally got so busy that I forgot that I even had a blog. The shame! Here is a photo session from last evening with Amber and Jake. Handsome couple!

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February 20, 2013

Madi and Kevin

Madi and Kevin


cmp_8665 copyI look forward to working more with these two. Seriously, if you have kids and worry about whether there are good people for them to marry out there just look on my blog. Fantastic people! I for one have tons of hope for future generations. P.S. If you missed the video Kevin made to propose to Madi watch it here. It has almost 40,000 views so far: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lFC8TmwBMgcmp_7929 cmp_7998 CMP_8009 cmp_8053 cmp_8071 cmp_8084 cmp_8129 cmp_8211 cmp_8252  cmp_8280 cmp_8325 cmp_8346 cmp_8358 cmp_8397 cmp_8414 cmp_8453 cmp_8458 cmp_8523 cmp_8579

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day!!

melandcasey017Our engagement photo 1999. As usual I am a walking fashion statement.  We haven’t had a normal Valentines Day in 11 years because our oldest daughter was born on Valentine’s Day so we end up having a party or something. Whoever marries her can kill two birds with one stone.

The last real date we had on Valentines was in 2000. It was a blast. We went to this Peruvian restaurant and the waitress took our order and then came back 20 minutes later and said, “What did you order again?” All the while we thought our food was being prepared. Ten minutes later she came out again and said, “We are out of that, you need to order something different.” She was so sweet there was no way we could be mad but we did have a movie to catch so we were thinking that might not happen. We got a little anxious and decided to peek in the kitchen just as the cook was putting Western Family french fries in the oil. We sat down, our meals came and the power went out!! No lights, pitch dark! We were not sure what to do and just then the cook got out and pulled his car up to the window and blasted his high beams right through the window. Light!!! We had a romantic dinner for two (the only two in the restaurant) over car light! Great memories!