December 16, 2013

Christmas present to you


Ok, there has been a change of plans. I will be doing my January 4 workshop for beginning photography for FREE!! Seating is limited so please contact me if you will be attending.


My studio: 921 Orchard Dr. River Heights, Ut 84321

When: January 4    3:00-5:00 pm

Bring your camera and a coat. We will be inside most of the time but if the weather permits we will be going outside for some hands on. Yipeee!!

Seating is limited so you must RSVP by email:

See you there!

December 5, 2013

Deck your home with LDS contemporary art


Just prior to Thanksgiving I spent a few days helping launch a really cool site that LDS members are going to love. It is called 

It really is revolutionizing the way you will look at LDS artwork. It is long overdue and very contemporary for modern LDS homes. I was able to do the photography for the creators of Latter Day Home and I am so impressed with their taste and their vision. Please check it out and pick some thing up for the holidays.

Keep your eyes on their site because there will be more to come no doubt!!!


March 1, 2013

STICK SHIFT- First Ever photo class March 27

STICK SHIFT- First Ever photo class March 27

I have had a lot of requests to do a photo class especially this last year. So, I buckled down and designed a workshop/seminar that I think will be SWEET!! Believe it or not I will also have an Ebook titled STICK SHIFT which will be FREE for those who come to the class. This is for beginner/intermediate photographers hoping to learn simple easy to understand skills that I think will change everything for them going forward. Simplicity is the key!! Email me at to sign up. see you there! Bring a friend. stickshiftclass






February 7, 2013

Rock your business with some fresh new images!!

Rock your business with some fresh new images!!






Do you need to update your images on your website so they match the quality of what you offer? I am launching a commercial branch of Casey McFarland Photography. I do enough commercial photography to the point where it is time to give it a little more focus. If you are in need of an update drop me a line and I can give you a quote. I will be offering some specials for a limited time while I launch. Thanks!


Here are some things I have done recently for websites, etc..

December 12, 2012

Corey Christiansen

Corey Christiansen

Many of you in the wedding biz know Corey’s super talented wife, Nikkol who runs the blog . I met Nikkol first and then Corey later when I took their family pictures a couple years ago. He later spoke at an event which I attended that was super helpful for the artist who wants to make a living creating things. I can’t pretend that I know any of the intricacies of Jazz music but I am learning to enjoy it. He has an excellent reputation world wide and is an expert in the field of jazz guitar. This is worth taking a look or a listen at.

I took a screen shot of his site to show off an image I took during a photo session I did with Corey last year.

Visit Corey Christiansen’s new site or purchase an album at

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 2.47.53 PM

July 9, 2012

In-Site Design Landscaping


Over the last few years I have been commissioned by a few landscaping companies to help document some of their work. I have learned a lot and really enjoyed seeing different properties and the thought that goes into them. I spent a couple days in Utah County last week documenting the work of In-Site Design Group who is based in American Fork. They did the remodel on the Logan Temple grounds and the tabernacle in Logan as well as a ton of properties in Utah County. Fun stuff!

September 1, 2011

Ag-trac Landscaping Company


Just wanted to feature one of my clients here in the valley. Ag-Trac is a landscaping company here in my own town of River Heights that does some phenomenal work. They hired me to photograph some of their work and not only do they excel at what they do but they are super great to work with. Check out there new site here.