January 21, 2009

Stella Bridals


What an amazing photo shoot this was. Stella’s mother came out from China in prep for her upcoming wedding and we had a great time. This shoot was in Logan, Ut. Any guesses where?

September 30, 2008

Kelsey Bridals- Logan Utah


Kelsey is the daughter of my bishop in South Jordan who sent me off to Italy on an LDS mission. She was kind enough to drive down from Rexburg, ID and have me take her pictures. It was good to get to know her and her mother and her aunt a little better. She is getting married on November 22, 2008, right before Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I will be photographing Mark Watterson and Hillarie West at the Salt Lake Temple. This Saturday I will be flying out to Ireland on an extensive engagement shoot (4 days). I will try to post some of the amazing stuff we are going to be getting but I may have to wait till I get home next Thursday. I will keep you posted!

June 26, 2008

Lindsey Bridals


Never a dull moment. We shot Lindsey’s bridals on Tuesday and it was like 95 degrees. During our day we shot some pics downtown Salt Lake, got harrassed by a homeless man, got attacked by more bugs than I have ever seen in my life, and were stuck in traffic for eternity, had the cops get after us at the State Capital and my car broke down on the way home at midnight(radiator hose exploded). I had my wife, my sister-in-law and my boy Jack stuck on the side of the rode on an off ramp immobile. I was walking to a gas station about a mile away and an older couple picked me up at midnight!! They took me to Smiths to get anti-freeze and on the way back we saw a cop and waved him down and I got in the car with him so we could take me back to the car. He lit up like a bolt of lightning. In the end we stayed the night at my sister in laws friends house on their floor. Jack slept with the dog’s blanket and pillow. We were glad to be somewhere other than the car. Thank you Henderson family for your hospitality. We arrived home 16 hours later than expected.
All said and done Lindsey has been a die hard. I told her in the beginning if we want to get the best we have to work for it. She did all the way through and it was worth it. Thanks for your hard work Lindsey. Always an adventure!!

February 15, 2008

Blast from the past


I was looking for a photo shoot I did in 2003 and I came across some old pics I shot with one of the first digital workhorses that came out the Kodak 760. I loved that camera. You almost had to wear a back brace to carry it around because of its weight but what a beauty.

These particular photos were taken in Logan Canyon up by Tony Grove. Cache Valley remains one of my favorite places on the planet.