February 22, 2012

What to wear on a photo session….


Hmmmmm..Now here is a question that is difficult for me to answer but often asked. I hope to help a little with some resources that I have painstakingly researched. Please take time to prepare for your photo session. A little preparation goes a long way. In fact most compelling, timeless images are a result of great clothing.
Ok, so looks don’t hurt either but you get the point.

#1 Put some thought into it.
#2 Coordinate locations with color if possible.(keep an eye out for locations that may work with your clothing and consult photographer)
#3 Be yourself
#4 Nothing happens by accident in Hollywood
#5 Contrast- (for example in winter reds, yellows, purples, blacks, etc.. can contrast against the snow or earthy colors and look awesome!)
#6 Compliment- Blend with an environment by acting like a chamoleon. A green grass hill with blue sky can look great with earth tones for example.
#7 Timeless is best- suits on guys, dresses, ties, etc..
#8 Go with the seasons. Wear a coat in the winter, just make it a cool coat. Short sleeves in winter are out of place. Add color in the winter when there is none.
#9 Bring extra clothing because photographers often improvise according to what is available.
#10 Some things call for less color- Black or browns can look good in a forest of Quaking Aspen for example or contrasted in a wheat field.
Sources for ideas for women are Polyvore , Lindsey’s Photography: Shows great layout of clothing color schemesĀ , Color Palettes, Fashion 101: How to combine colors, Men’s clothing: Real Men, Real Style
Polyvore will let you create your own color scheme with drag and drop clothing so you can see what things will look like and even coordinate clothing for an upcoming family session. (Always fun!)

A good book for men is Sharp Suits


If you know of any other good sources please share!

May 16, 2011

Alex and Chase preshoot


I am going to get slapped for saying this by somebody but that’s ok. Here it is: The best thing that has happened to weddings, at least in Utah, is that the tradition of not seeing the bride’s dress prior to the wedding has been virtually eradicated. Like the Passenger Pigeon and the Dodo bird it is almost extinct and as a result photographers have so much more control over the turnout of the wedding pictures. For years I felt horrible because I had no control over the weather and more importantly the lighting on the wedding day. How do I explain why a bride’s pictures are not as nice or dramatic as her friend’s that referred her to me? I couldn’t. Lighting is everything in photography and all I can do in bad lighting is make the best our of a negative. This has taught me to be resourceful when I need to draw upon that skill but if I have the choice I would rather just do the pictures when the lighting is the most favorable. Most weddings in Utah take place during the worst time of day for lighting and that is a challenge when a photographer really wants to deliver the best product possible.

My advice is to pay attention to what your photographer says when it comes to this subject. Do not work against him/her by being too difficult with the schedule because it will be worth the final product if you sacrifice a little time. I cannot tell you how many thousands of photographs I have taken knowing how much better they could’ve been if I had been given more priority.

I use this session from last week to illustrate how sweet the light can be at the right time and the right place.
Alex and Chase are set to be married soon at the Logan Temple.

April 10, 2011

Bad Weather, great couple


Weather is a constant concern for photographers. Sometimes I feel like a part time meteorologist. Everything I had planned for this photo shoot got thrown out the window as I saw the weather turning and the skies darkening. Photographers are frequently forced to be resourceful because rarely are we given the perfect situation. I have learned not to take my plans too seriously because of the amount of variables that I have to deal with. Anyway, today I think turned out great even though the entire photo shoot was improvised on the spot.

I met Amberly about 4 years ago. She was referred to me by a client. She was interested in learning photography. From that one visit I have made great friends with her family down in Vernal and her sister even made the drive to have her senior pictures done a year or so ago. I am always thrilled when someone puts that much trust in me. It makes me want to do better than I sometimes feel I have ability to do. What is funny is I later found out that my parents are great friends with her parents. Small world.
Here are a couple shots of their engagement pics as well.

February 21, 2011

Sydney and Brandon


Man, this snow has been crazy. It let up just enough to get some great photos at Brandon and Sydney’s wedding in Logan on Saturday. It was a great time! I am looking forward to Spring though I have to admit. I will post more on this later when I get to editing it…..

December 1, 2010

Chelsea and John


Well the cold season has officially begun. I am prepared this year with all new gear. I was bundled up good for this groomal session but the bride and groom toughed out some pretty cold weather without complaint. These guys are getting married Dec 18 and so this is just the pre-session and it is a good thing because who knows what weather and lighting will be like on that day. These guys are so fun and energetic that I hardly have to do anything but pull the trigger. Dave Perry joined us and as usual brought his experience and unique personality to the table. He is perhaps the premiere LDS videographer anywhere and I have always enjoyed working with him. Make sure and check out his site by clicking on his name.
I photographed Chelsea’s brother Tyler and his bride a few years ago and they have been a great family to work with. After having our 4th baby the other day it is encouraging to know that in a crazy world like this there are so many good good couples getting married. It gives me hope to see people like John who is a class act and I am sure will be a genuinely good husband. It is long off but still having three girls worries the heck out of me so it is reassuring.
These images were taken at the Salt Lake Temple and La Caille.

Dave Perry's camera

June 7, 2010

Aubrey and BJ


On my way back from St. George vacation my family and I stopped in American Fork to visit our good friends the Sorensens and I spent a couple hours with BJ and Aubrey who just got married on June 5. I didn’t shoot the wedding just the groomals. We hijacked an orchard and American Fork Ampitheater. They wanted some shots at the Oquirrh Mtn Temple as well but when we got there it was closed so we improvised.
I haven’t blogged much cause I was so so so busy and I had a back injury all at the same time which took all my energy the last few weeks. I am back up and running, just catching up. I have boat loads of stuff to post cause I have been shooting once or twice a day with the exception of St. George in which I didn’t even turn my phone on or touch a camera for a few days. It is nice to have a little detachment every now and then no matter how much you love what you do.

April 17, 2010

April in April


What an incredible, sunny day it was! I can’t tell you how nice it is to take pictures in short sleeves. I photographed almost every day of the winter, outside!! Winter has its own beauty and it is most beautiful when it is over!! Of course if a bride is getting married in December I tell her it is the best time of year to take pictures. What else am I going to say, “this sucks!” Photography is all about making the best of whatever you are given which very often is not optimal.
I love spring and summer. April is getting married on May 22 in Logan. She was born in April and here we are in April. I hadn’t met her till she came to my house. She had to use a bedroom to change into and I hadn’t cleaned up at all and my wife came home about the same time April got to my house. Melanie scolded me for not cleaning up and I think April’s mom was a tad worried about what they had gotten into. I would’ve been! If my photography were any reflection of the way my office looks, I would be out of business. Mel told me I am a piece of work.
Anyway, April has beautiful eyes and a great smile and that it made it so easy for me. Vicki, her mom, was a great help with lighting. (Be warned if you show up on one of my photo shoots you will be put to work.) I look forward to May 22.