October 28, 2013

Moab with Britt and Sean


About 30 minutes south of Moab above the red rock, this wedding was dominating the mountainside a couple weeks ago. It took place at the incredible Whispering Oaks Ranch in the Lasal Mountains. The music, the food and the people were all amazing!! Seriously, I dusted off my guitar and have begun practicing since I heard these people sing. This was a very intimate wedding with lots of love and laughter and it was also outside of cell phone coverage which was refreshing. Glad to have been a part of it!

In no particular order…..

brittmedley  cmp_1651 copy cmp_2145 copy cmp_2346 copy  cmp_3077 cmp_3098 cmp_3137I set my camera on the roof of my car and took a long exposure of the stars. I couldn’t see the satelittle with my eye but it showed up in the picture.

cmp_2709 cmp_2977 cmp_2149 cmp_2168 cmp_1555 copy cmp_2059 cmp_2064 cmp_2091 cmp_1966 cmp_1848 cmp_1801 cmp_1658 cmp_1495 cmp_1479 cmp_1440 cmp_1390 cmp_1431 cmp_1020 cmp_1026 cmp_1110 cmp_1236 cmp_1308 cmp_1380cmp_2373 copy

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