October 23, 2007

Brooke and Tyler Wedding


I am going to miss shooting these guys! As you can see they are very easy to photograph. This was at the Mt. Timp temple. The weather was great. The videographer and I had a good time. His name is Matt and he owns Happily Ever After Video. He has shot there a lot more than I have and showed me some great shots. Thanks Matt!!
I look forward to shooting these guys later when they have a family with bambinos!

October 2, 2007

Barney Family


Let me introduce you to the Barney family. We did this little photo shoot up Big Cottonwood canyon Tuesday night. It was a blast! I love this time of year for pics. Great family!

October 1, 2007

Sanpete County


This past weekend we went down to Sanpete County. For those of you who don’t know where it is think Ephraim, Manti, Moroni, Turkey country. I attended Snow College in Ephraim in 1995-1996. I had never heard of Snow College until my best friend recieved a scholarship for building construction for 1995. His highschool girlfriend’s dad was the “Woods” teacher at Bingham High School so Ivun figured it was in his best interest to become well acquainted with wood. So his first two classes in the morning were wood working. I had 3rd period English with him. One day he came to class and said he had just received a scholarship to Snow College and that all he had to do was raise his hand when the Snow College Rep asked if anybody wanted one (I think his girlfriend’s dad may had some part to play in it). Ivun asked me if I wanted to go. I said yes before I even knew where it was. I met my wife the first night down there. It was September 23, 1995. Ivun met his wife a little later. He saw her singing at an event and came home and told me that he was going to marry this girl that was singing. He had to break ties with his old girlfriend but low and behold they are married with 4 kids today and are here represented in this photo I took this weekend. What is unique about this photo is that it was taken on my friend Ted Dehaan’s 10 acre parcel of land in Mt. Pleasant. It is a beautiful spread. I have attached a picture of their home as well. We spent the night and went fishing and shooting in the morning. I caught a few mountain rainbows.

Saturday night we sent into Ephraim and Snow College and drove around remembering how much fun we had that year. It truly was the best year of my life. Ivun and I were roomates and we were very low on cash that year. I went and got my fishing license to bring home food for us. I used to go catch my limit at Urn Reservoir up Manti canyon. Unfortunately a limit of 6- 10 inch trout doesn’t feed many people. So Ivun went and got a deer tag and shot a deer. We stayed up till 5:00 am cutting up the meat on that thing. That fed us for a while. I think if you plan your life out too much you’ll miss out on a lot of the adventures that happen with spontaneity. That decision to go to Snow College was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I could go on with many more details but it would bore you so I’ll just tell you we had a good time.

September 27, 2007

Brooke and Tyler


This is a photo of Brooke and Tyler, soon to be married. It has been great to get to know them better. They remind me a lot of my wife and I, just really easy going. I like this picture a lot because the background is a porta potty. Now that I say that you can probably see what it is by the color and a few of the shapes. I love making something out of nothing. Most of my time is spent making something out of nothing. I have to turn a mediocre environment into one that looks unique and like something out of a Martha Stewart magazine. This porta potty picture is a statement for me that I find is a reoccurring theme throughout my life which is that “you don’t have to have a lot to be somebody” Many modern philosophers call it he HAVE-DO-BE syndrome. In other words you have to HAVE something in order to BE somebody. It is very subtle but it is a common theme in our generation. The reverse is BE-DO-HAVE. I am going to be somebody first and I will acquire later after I am somebody. Common Have-do-be thoughts are: “I will get in shape as soon as I HAVE a membership to the gym.” Another is “I will be happy when I have some more money.” It is always an outside force that they are looking for. The truth is they will never be happy and they will always be fat because the gym membership will get old in a couple months and money in and of itself does not give one happiness. So back to the porta potty. I make the best of my situation. Resources are all around me I just have to see them through a different set of glasses. I have trained about a half a dozen photographers and the ones who fail are still saying things like, “As soon as I get a new camera” or “I need a studio before I can be successful”. Do not fool yourself. My first six months as a photographer I didn’t even own a camera. Make it happen.

September 23, 2007

30 years old!!


In my family it is custom to announce to the world that it is your birthday. My mother is the queen of birthdays. It is not uncommon to pull up to her house on her July 8 birthday and see a sign in the window saying that it is her birthday. I am not joking when I tell you that my parents actually have a marque in their front window displaying such messages. Last year my mom wore a party hat that said, “It’s my birthday!!” So I will take this opportunity to beller and cry to the world that tomorrow is my birthday. I will be a smooth 30 years old. It is a new beginning. This will be the best year of my life as have all the rest of them. I can’t wait for this decade. My kids will grow tremendously, we will have some of the greatest times of our family in this decade. My BFF and I are going fishing at 4:30 am. That is all I want for my birthday is to catch my limit. Anyway, tomorrow will be a good day. Over and out!

September 20, 2007

Family Documentation


I have been on cloud nine for 36 hours now ever since I went fishing to a local water hole of which I will not name and absolutely had the best fishing day of my life. My uncle Michael and his son Mason took me. At one point Mason brought in a nearly 5 pound rainbow whilst I pulled in about a 3 pounder. We cooked that one up for dinner tonight and it was THE best fresh water fish I have ever eaten. Anyway lately I have been really excited about what I consider family documentary style photography with style. Here is an image I took last week of my buddy Greg and his son playing basketball. I spent nearly 9 hours with his family last week and had a blast taking over 1500 images that they can have forever. What is more important than this? Greg is an awesome mentor to me. He wanted me to take these shots of him with his boys doing their alone time together. He spends most of his free time doing what his kids want. What a huge idea! Most parents spend 2 hours watching TV a day. He spends 2 hours a day with one of his four boys following their interests. Do you think they wonder if he cares about them? Do you think they will find meaning in this life? He has made me rethink the way I interact with my own children.
Anyway,the only sad part about this photo is that Greg missed the dunk.