February 25, 2008



We went up to a friends cabin up Daniel’s Summit this weekend. It is always a good time. The kids had a blast sledding on the monster hill next to the cabin. We came home and my entire family is sick except Sami. We are pathetic. We watched like 10 movies yesterday because none of us can move. We are starting to stir a little today but not much.

February 20, 2008

Last weeks Blizzard


I just got my second roll of film in today. I haven’t shot black and white film in years. We used to buy 100 foot rolls of this stuff and stuff our own film canisters. I never trusted it. Anyway this is Hyde Park, Utah again. I had an itch to get out and shoot even though it was during that blizzard that swept through Utah last week. The little girl in the “Christmas Story” suit is my niece.

February 18, 2008

Cache Valley: my true love


These were taken in a shoot I did telling the story of Hyde Park, Ut where my wife grew up. I shot both of these on film. I hadn’t shot a roll of film in almost 4 years. In the early years I shot a Mamiya RB67 medium format and a Nikon n90s. There is definitely a magic to film. I am still waiting on some more to come back and I can’t hardly sleep because I can’t wait to see it.

Cache Valley is my true love! My dad grew up there and I have always had a nostalgic feeling about the whole valley. When I tell people of my love they say, “Oh but it is so cold up there!” As if it is warm in Salt Lake. When it is cold anywhere does anybody go outside anyway? If it is summer they say, “Oh it is beautiful up there!” There is a trade off anywhere you live even Hawaii. They don’t get to experience the exquisite newness of spring. I would go through two winters to experience spring. Maybe. These images I took don’t really help my case against it being cold in Cache Valley.

February 15, 2008

Blast from the past


I was looking for a photo shoot I did in 2003 and I came across some old pics I shot with one of the first digital workhorses that came out the Kodak 760. I loved that camera. You almost had to wear a back brace to carry it around because of its weight but what a beauty.

These particular photos were taken in Logan Canyon up by Tony Grove. Cache Valley remains one of my favorite places on the planet.

February 12, 2008



Jack and I spent the whole day together today. He has got some serious personality. We have always said that it is much easier having multiple kids than it is having only one. When the others are gone we don’t know how to entertain this young man. We can keep up for an hour or two but our daughters do a much better job.

February 9, 2008



Jackboy has got the whole house to himself. His two sisters are at their cousins for the weekend and he is loving the attention. It always gives me some time to do some one on one photos with him in his element. Our first kid got plenty of solo documentation so I try to balance it out and get each kid individually as much as possible. They are each so unique and fun and childhood only happens once and I want to remember it.-Casey

February 8, 2008



My niece is featured in this photo. She thinks that I put chicken in my spaghetti sauce. It is really tuna. When I mention to people that tuna is used regularly in the authentic Italian diet they don’t believe me(think Mediterranean). My wife forbade me to put tuna on pizza once when we had company coming over. This was hard for me to handle because for one I love tuna and for two I love to cook and the best time to experiment is when company is coming over. The pressure is on and you learn so much quicker! Let me know if you want any incredible tuna recipes. I am talking about fresh tuna, the steak kind not the can kind (although I do like albacore). I once read an article about a tuna that sold for $90,000 in Japan. This isn’t carp folks.